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French Market Inn - New Orleans LA Real Haunt

  • 509 Decatur St.
  • New Orleans, LA
  • (888) 626-2725
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Stories say this hotel is haunted by eerie mist figures that float about, red handprints that turn up on guests' beds, and the metallic clanging and creaking sounds of a pulley system. These haunting reports have taken place since the 1830s.
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  • Sensation of Being Held down

    This hotel is charming and quaint. My boyfriend and i visited back in October 2023 for Halloween. Honestly should have guessed it was haunted since almost all the French Quarter is, but I wasn’t a believer before this incident. We checked in and entered our room, immediately felt a vibe that I was being watched and my eyes gravitated towards the corner of the room where a shadowy figure stood. Tried to brush it from my mind, as we had a room with no windows, and it was pitch black when we entered. We freshened up, since we had just landed. My boyfriend claims that he felt like he was being watched while he was showering. The hotel had glass shower doors and he felt like he kept needing to look over his shoulder as if someone was behind the glass. Eager to enjoy our first Halloween Night in NOLA,we left as soon as we freshened up. We enjoyed the festivities and how close our hotel was to everything. Came back that night to fall asleep. I turned on the TV and it worked for all of 5 minutes until it frozen and started playing white noise. Turned it off and just went to bed. This is where the fun started. Throughout the night you could hear a squeaky sound through the walls. Almost like a pulley, it was loud and very distinct. It continued all through the night without stop. Around 3am, I woke up to the sensation of someone trying to hold me down. It was a slow feeling, almost as if there was hesitation until my eyes opened and I couldn’t not move. The room felt cold and I was filled with feelings of sadness, loneliness and darkness. I could not move or speak, every muscle in my body wanted to jump out of bed but i couldn’t. Finally i was released and i immediately pulled the covers over my head. The room was still cold, and i felt as if something was watching me. I did not fall back for the rest of the night, when i reached for my phone, it was 3:28am. My boyfriend slept through the entire night.?? We only stayed for a night since we were switching hotels the next day. I panicked the rest of the morning and we checked out early because i kept feeling like i was being watched, and continued to hear the squeaking sound that my boyfriend could not hear!?! We stayed in room 234.

    Posted 5/11/24

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  • Didn’t know it was haunted until…..

    We stayed on the 3rd floor during Mardi Gras. Our room was very small, a corner room, red brick on 2 walls and faced the river across the street. Of course, during Mardi Gras the streets are filled with people and music pretty much all day and all night. At night when in bed we could hear the person in the room above us walking back and forth on a wooden floor and music playing. I could not really identify the music, we would hear this for hours. But didn’t think much of it because it’s Mardi Gras. When we left our room we noticed a trap door or attic door right above the door to our room. There was a ladder sort of built in on the wall. So with overwhelming curiosity we climbed up a few rungs enough to open the door and peer in. It was some sort of storage room filled with boxes and crates. We thought it was strange but figured because it was Mardi Gras maybe an employee was staying up there due to the heavy business. We mentioned it to the front desk and they said that no one stays up there it is storage only. We looked at each other and really didn’t think about it again. Until….at night around 2-3 am walking and music started. Every night. On the morning we left to go back home we looked up at the hotel and noticed the window above our room was wide open.

    Posted 5/2/24

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  • Definitely haunted

    We stayed in room 311. First night, my partners eyeglasses moved to the other side of the room. Thought, well, maybe this is the first time he's ever not out them on the nightstand but doubt it. Night 2, I woke up to the feeling of someone sitting at the end of the bed. Ignored it, but then shortly after, I felt it again so I woke up and looked (tv was still on) and nothing there. I laid back down, closed my eyes and felt someone sit on the bed NEXT to me. Woke right up, nothing. Night 3, partner woke me up in the night terrified, he felt someone sit on the bed and it scared the hell out of him. Both my experience and his were at 330am. TV turned off and on on its own as well. Hands down would stay again

    Posted 2/23/24

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  • Weird stairwell noises

    I was walking up the staircase because the elevator takes forever. As I approached the landing between the 2nd and 3rd floor, I began to hear the sound of something being moved around on the first floor. It sounded like cardboard boxes or something being pushed around. I quickly glanced over the railing and couldn’t see anyone. I also didn’t hear the heavy fire door open which would have indicated someone had entered the stairwell. And let’s get real, no one takes the stairs when an elevator is available. It freaked me out and I quickly made my way to the fourth floor. It never occurred to me that the hotel had weird activity. Who knows? Maybe a rat?

    Posted 11/1/23

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  • Bed Shaking in Middle of the Night

    I had no idea this place had a reputation for being haunted. I would have never stayed here if I knew. I was on a trip with my son, who stayed in a different room. Around 2am I woke up and my bed was shaking back and forth. I couldn't figure out what was going on because I was on the 3rd floor and it couldn't be a truck or anything driving by. In the morning I met my son for breakfast and when I asked him how he slept, he told me he woke up in the middle of the night with his bad shaking back and forth. I googled to see if there was an earthquake or something in the area...nothing.

    Posted 3/17/23

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  • Pulley chain system

    My mom and I stayed at the French market Inn for a couple nights. I Woke up around 2 am in the morning to the sound of a pulley system right above our bed. After looking online supposedly the location was a warehouse and these big pulley systems were common back in the day. My mom didn’t wake up and I swear this happened for at least 5 minutes and then stopped. This happened multiple nights. Very eerie since it was right above my head.

    Posted 12/11/22

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    We stayed at the French market Inn Hotel not knowing anything about any "haunted" stories , nor do I believe that stuff. I was there for my daughters Volley ball tournament . We went to bed around 12 and awoken around 2am by a slimy feeling all over me like I was wet. Our room was pitch black , an inside room with no windows. I woke my boyfriend at the time to turn on the lights and when he did we were both COVERED in blood and it was all over the sheets and headboard . I panicked and freaked out, he was telling me to be calm and get into the shower , both of us one at a time to see who was bleeding from where, but neither of us were. It was literally like a slaughter went down...We kind of panicked , didnt know what to do , called down for house keeping for more sheets without saying why, we stripped the bed and (dont ask me why I dont know) put the bloody sheets in a bag and made the bed and threw them in a dumpster on our way out in the am to the game... (thinking we would be charged for damages or something ?).. never said a word. while at the game the hotel called us and asked us to please stop by the front desk for a new room key as they were moving us to another room as there has been an incident in our room. (they NEVER said a word either). We went and got our new key and thought "here it comes im gonna have to pay for a new mattress" and NO ONE said a word just moved us to a new room, when we retrieved our things , the house keeping was moving the mattress out of the room and cleaning it. We NEVER told anyone about this story as we were SO freaked out and thought we would have to pay or people would think we were crazy.. UNTIL now, as im reading the things I see on line about it being haunted ... I swear on the Holy Bible this is a true story.. Just bizarre.

    Posted 1/4/21

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